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Door Koen Scheltenaar

Industrial Design

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Traditional education mostly focusses on knowledge and theory. Governments and companies are however aware of the importance of the so called ''21st century skills''. Loep makes working with 21st century skills easy. Loep is a toolkit consisting of specially designed activities and a digital support system with which step for step more room can be created for creativity, own interests, self directed learning and the development of 21st century skills in existing lessons.

Over Koen Scheltenaar

Koen is a 25 years old Industrial Designer originating from the area of Eindhoven. He recently graduated from the master Industrial Design at the university of Eindhoven with his graduation project Loep. Koen has a passion for design, education and technology and loves to combine these into his projects using design thinking. Design thinking for Koen is a way to control his creative processes, consciously working from a problem or opportunity towards a sustainable, innovative solution. Together with Studio Tast, a young startup, he is trying to motivate people to learn using technology and by making learning fun. As a designer, Koen highly values involving end users in his design processes, doing user tests and reinforcing his designs with academic research. Due to his background in Communication and Multimedia Design Koen has a pragmatic attitude, he seeks for concepts with a distinctive value for the end users and incorporates business development into his designs.


Koen Scheltenaar - Loep visual communication update

To improve the communication of the Loep product service system a photoshoot was arranged to create visuals of the product with end-users in a stylised, educational environment.

While constantly improving your product or service is important it is equally important to make sure to communicate your product well, both textually and visually. That's why I organised a product photoshoot with the goal to capture end users of the product Loep in a clean and stylised environment.

Together with the help of Jos Hardeman, who provided me with the possibility to use the Venturelab as the photoshoot location, and a group of early adapters of the product (teacher Femke Geelhoed and her students from the Heerbeeck College), we took pictures of multiple educational settings in which the product is visible in a clear but subtle way.

The final pictures will be used in our marketing and communication messages and on our website www.loeptoolkit.nl. We are currently working on a major communication update of the platform that will be live around mid June. Can't wait to see how the final pictures will look on our website!

Koen Scheltenaar

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